Is ENHYPEN Coming to Singapore in 2023?

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Is ENHYPEN Coming to Singapore in 2023?

K-pop boy group ENHYPEN has quickly risen to become one of the most popular K-pop acts globally since their debut in 2020. Their talented vocals, impressive dance skills and charming personalities have attracted a massive international fandom. Fans in Singapore are eagerly anticipating if ENHYPEN will visit Singapore for a concert tour in 2023.

Is ENHYPEN Coming to Singapore in 2023?
Is ENHYPEN Coming to Singapore in 2023?

Overview of ENHYPEN

ENHYPEN is a 7-member boy group formed through the 2020 survival show I-LAND. The group is composed of members Jungwon, Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo and Ni-ki. They are under Belift Lab, a joint venture between CJ ENM and Big Hit Music.

The group debuted in November 2020 with their first EP Border: Day One and its lead single “Given-Taken”. They were named “Rookie of the Year” at several major Korean music awards shows for their successful debut.

ENHYPEN has released 3 EPs and 1 repackaged album so far – Border: Carnival, Dimension: Dilemma, Dimension: Answer and Manifesto: Day 1. All their releases have entered the Top 10 of Billboard’s World Albums chart.

Some of ENHYPEN’s most popular songs include “Given-Taken”, “Drunk-Dazed”, “Fever”, “Tamed-Dashed” and “Future Perfect (Pass the MIC)”. Their music style combines pop, rock, hip-hop and EDM genres.

Reasons for ENHYPEN’s Popularity

There are several factors that contribute to ENHYPEN’s meteoric rise in popularity:

  • Talented Members – Each member is an exceptionally talented performer. Their flawless choreography, beautiful vocals, rap skills and facial expressions draw fans in.
  • Group Chemistry – The members share a close brotherly bond full of playful antics, caring gestures and mutual support. Their friendship translates into amazing group chemistry on stage.
  • High-Quality Music – ENHYPEN’s discography is full of catchy, high-energy bops with deep lyrics. Their title tracks showcase powerful choreography and formations.
  • Compelling Concepts – Every comeback has a creative concept realised through music, lyrics, costumes, sets and choreography. Fans eagerly anticipate what story ENHYPEN will tell next.
  • Fan Engagement – ENHYPEN actively engages with fans on social media through posts, livestreams, behind-the-scenes content and vlogs. This makes fans feel a personal connection with the members.
  • Stage Presence – During performances, ENHYPEN members showcase incredible facial expressions, sharp movements and eye contact that draw audiences in.

Was ENHYPEN Originally Meant To Be a Girl Group?

No, ENHYPEN was always planned to be a boy group from the start.

The members were selected through the 2020 survival show I-LAND, which was organized by Belift Lab specifically to form a new K-pop boy group. Out of the 23 male contestants, 7 were chosen to form ENHYPEN based on viewer votes and judge evaluations.

There are no reports to suggest ENHYPEN was ever considered to be a girl group. The show focused on finding the best male performers to form a new K-pop boy band that could capture fans around the world.

Profile of ENHYPEN Members

ENHYPEN has 7 talented members:

Jungwon – The leader, main vocalist, lead dancer. Known for his sweet voice, sharp dance skills and caring leadership.


Heeseung – The main vocalist. Outstanding vocal technique and emotional delivery. Also a gifted dancer.

Heeseung enhypen
Heeseung enhypen

Jay – The main rapper, sub-vocalist, dancer. Quick rap style with unique tone. Great chemistry with other members.

Jay enhypen
Jay enhypen

Jake – The lead vocalist, sub-rapper, dancer. Powerful vocals and smooth dancing. Charismatic on stage.

Jake enhypen
Jake enhypen

Sunghoon – The main dancer, sub-vocalist, visual. Graceful dance ability honed from figure skating background. Stunning visuals.

Sunghoon enhypen
Sunghoon enhypen

Sunoo – The lead vocalist. Distinctive bright and lively voice color. Consistent live vocals and bubbly personality.

Sunoo enhypen
Sunoo enhypen

Ni-ki – The main dancer, sub-vocalist, sub-rapper, maknae. Incredible dance precision and isolates. Well-rounded performance skills.

Ni-ki enhypen
Ni-ki enhypen

Is ENHYPEN Coming to Singapore in 2023?

Currently, ENHYPEN has not announced any concert plans for Singapore in 2023. However, hopes are high among Singapore Engenes (ENHYPEN fandom) that the group will add a Singapore stop to their next world tour.

Here are some reasons why fans believe there’s a good chance of ENHYPEN coming to Singapore in 2023:

  • Their popularity in Southeast Asia is rapidly growing, making a Singapore concert viable.
  • Fellow HYBE groups like BTS, TXT and SEVENTEEN have held concerts in Singapore since 2019. ENHYPEN will likely follow.
  • Singapore is a key market for K-pop thanks to diverse demographics and high demand. A Singapore concert enables greater access for regional fans.
  • In 2022, ENHYPEN held fan meetings in Manila and Jakarta. Expanding to Singapore is a logical next step.
  • With 3 EPs released, ENHYPEN now has enough content for a full concert setlist.

While unconfirmed, fans are optimistic that ENHYPEN will announce a world tour in 2023. If so, Singapore will hopefully be one of the tour stops. Fans eagerly await an opportunity to see ENHYPEN’s outstanding performances live on stage. Their talent, teamwork and dedication to fans make them a group well worth catching live in-person.

5 FAQs about ENHYPEN

Here are 5 frequently asked questions about ENHYPEN:

Q: How do you pronounce ENHYPEN?

A: It’s pronounced as “En-hai-pen”. The “pen” part sounds like the writing instrument.

Q: What does ENHYPEN mean?

A: It means “to come together and grow as one”. It reflects the group being united as one despite their differences.

Q: Who is the leader of ENHYPEN?

A: The leader is Jungwon, who was chosen for his leadership skills, responsibility and caring personality.

Q: What are ENHYPEN fandom names?

A: Their official fandom name is ENGENE, which means that fans are like “engines” who support and power ENHYPEN.

Q: Where is ENHYPEN from?

A: The members come from different countries – 4 from Korea, 1 from Japan, 1 from Australia and 1 from the USA. But they currently promote as a K-pop group in Korea.


In just over 2 years since their debut, ENHYPEN has established themselves as a rising force in K-pop with their impeccable performances, high-quality music and close member bonds. Their popularity across Asia including Singapore continues rising rapidly.

Although an ENHYPEN concert in Singapore for 2023 is still unconfirmed, hopes are high among local fans who long to see the group’s spectacular teamwork and skills live on stage. As ENHYPEN embarks on their first world tour, a Singapore stop seems plausible. Fans eagerly await a chance to show their love and support for these talented young artists.

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